An Accidental Legacy

In the winter of 1968, Scots Ridge, Tennessee is covered in ice and snow. Woke from a dead sleep to the sound of his newborn daughter convulsing with a high fever, Sonny Price does what he always does. He runs. With his daughter draped over his arms, Sonny runs across a frozen field to the door of Ellis and Virginia Hatch. Racing down the ridge to the county hospital, Sonny’s life suddenly comes crashing down.


Overwhelmed, his wife lost in a dark world of deep depression, his daughter burning with fever, and feeling like he never measured up in life to everyone’s expectations, Sonny runs out of the hospital. Runs out of town. And, runs out of everyone’s life. Including his.


With the help of those that know him better than he knows himself, Sonny Price wrestles the demons that haunt him and back to his wife and child, back to his life. But not before he discovers that all he believed to be true about his life, about the father he never knew, about the woman he called mama, was all lies. His is an accidental legacy.


Growing up in the shadows of the hills and valleys, the rumors and the gossip of Scots Ridge, Sonny Price runs away from life and runs into the truth.

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