A new voice in Nashville’s literary scene, Tish Mosley’s debut novel, An Accidental Legacy is an immediate favorite. A true Southern storyteller, Mosley captures her readers like the smells of home. She throws open the screen door wide to the vulnerabilities of human nature that connects us all. Knitting tragedy with humor, Mosley lures you in with a quick plot and keeps you turning pages with her sharp wit that jumps out when you least expect it.


Native to Middle Tennessee, she has forever been in love with the sights and sounds of its people and places. From classic country music, to being a child of the ‘70’s, and with a family large enough for its own zip code, Mosley is always in the company of many muses. A child of God, she holds fast to the redemption of Christ, blending the cruel realities of this world with His loving kindness in the stories she writes.


Tish Mosley lives in Nashville, Tennessee.