The Deed

If Fletcher Pittman knew he was negotiating a deal rivaling Laban and compromising the lives of his daughters, Olive and Beatrix, he may have sent Tinkum Price packing the day he walked up looking for work. One beautiful. One strong. Fletcher bartered the hearts of his daughters for a man’s labor.


Tempers fly and accusations breed lies when Tinkum forsaking the sisters saves a stranger. Another woman. Tinkum Price has a choice to make. Choose one. Or deny them all. Perpetuating a web of deception. Escaping the clutches of death. And, surrendering all that he holds dear with the shuffle of cards. He gambles away a life of miss deeds, the Deed to his ancestral home, and finds deliverance.


The Deed, the second installment of the Scots Ridge Trilogy, Tish Mosley delivers another heartrending, Southern love story. Mosley takes us back to the beginning. Back twenty years. Back before Sonny Price is born. Back to when his parents, Tinkum Price and Beatrix Pittman are first married. Back to a time when the sorrowful shadows filling the hollows of Scots Ridge are full of secrets. Family secrets.